Julie Poulin Fine Art



I have been studying the Masters with Bob Grant in Ottawa since 2015. Bob has taught me to draw, to be precise and to be confident. 

I started painting in pastels in 2018 and was immediately amazed at these colourful little sticks. I have been learning pastel painting with Marla Baggetta from Oregan, USA since the summer of 2020. I have also completed her Color College workshop.

I am a member of the Pastel Artists of Canada.


Since a young age, I have devoted an ungodly number of hours mastering the piano, songwriting and arranging. I have studied at the University of Ottawa in Music. My passion for music is such that I would listen (and still do) to the same song over and over to understand its essence. I isolate one instrument or one harmony, until I know each note. Then I play or sing it just to prove that I can before moving onto the next song. I'm sure this drove my parents crazy!

Interestingly, I have always admired the pull of colour in nature such as the dynamic of green leaves against a bright blue sky.

Painting to me is synonymous to music and to the joy of walking my dogs in the woods: it takes me out of my everyday and pulls me into a different world.

While painting Calm Strength, a painting of my deceased rescue dog Sally, I knew that I had captured her as she was staring right back at me from the canvas. I get chills to this day when I look at that painting.

This is why I love painting.