Julie Poulin Fine Art


Who is Julie Poulin (that's me!) and what makes me tick?

An Accomplished Musician

My art journey began when I was 3 years old and received my first guitar. (I didn't play it). This shows how much importance my parents thought music was. I started piano lessons at 7 and was writing songs before I knew what I was doing: listening to the radio with my parents and making up how a song 'should' go when I didn't like the version I was hearing. At 13, I started to really get serious with music by learning everything I could about my instruments and becoming an accomplished pianist and singer/songwriter a few years later. I was enthralled by how music worked and I listened to the same songs over and over (my poor parents) while isolating 1 instrument at a time, something that would later help me to arrange my own pop songs.

Art? What Is That And How Does It Compare To Music?

I loved looking at nature's colours when I was young. I was so mesmerized by the colour vibrations of trees against a bright blue sky, the different colours of clouds, the atmosphere produced on a hot and humid summer day, the steam coming off a street after the rain. I thought everyone noticed this, just like I thought everyone could hear music like me. I can attest that playing an instrument and painting is almost the same. You are in the moment and nothing else matters. You are creating something meaningful.

I was always interested in putting down on paper what I saw. The thing is, I didn't know there were drawing and painting lessons available. My parents knew about music as I come from a family of musicians, but no one painted.

My Art Training

I have been studying oil painting and the Masters such as Monet, Manet and Sargent with Bob Grant (Canada) since 2015. Bob has taught me to draw and that the foundation of painting is drawing. He tought me perspective, colour mixing and to be confident. He also tought me the "joyful frustrations" of Plein Air painting. My journey in pastels began in 2018 and I was immediately amazed at these colourful little sticks of pure pigment. Bob introduced me to pastel painting and I've also been learning from Marla Baggetta from Oregon (USA) since the summer of 2020 and have completed her Color College workshop. I have also taken lessons from Barbara Jaenike, also from Oregon.


  • 2021 Mosaic Trinity Art Gallery
  • 2021 Ottawa Art City
  • 2020 Creative Café
  • 2019 Creative Café

Seminars & Conferences

  • Pastel Live 2021
  • Plein Air Live 2021 


  • Pastel Artists of Canada
  • Society of Canadian Artists
  • Arteast Ottawa